Young Crow

We will always remember Young Crow, aka Rowan Knopf

Young Crow, aka Rowan Knopf passed away on November 3rd, 2023.

Artist, poet, songwriter, and best friend. He will always be remembered.

Back before our label was created, Rowan met Aiden at a show. They became best friends and spent the next 3 months spending every night on call with each other making music. This eventually persuaded Aiden to start making his own recording setup. That was the beginning of a long journey eventually turning into Avid Records.

Rowan was there from day one. His ideas brought artists together, and formed new friendships. He was always trying to bring joy, and did so effortlessly. Always a good laugh around him.

We are so grateful for his music, as Rowan’s own words are more powerful than we can ever express. We miss you. I miss you. Love you man.

Rowan Black + White

His legacy will live on.

Avid Records will be donating 100% of the streaming royalties earned by his music to mental health foundations in his honour.

His music will empower others to get through their struggles, as mental health was a major part of his life, including his music.

Young Crow was an incredible artist, and friend. We will always remember him.

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Young Crow's Favourite Song

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